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The central manifold heating system will be provided from the cities thermal network, which will be guided to your apartment through the staircase. The staircase will also have a device measuring the heat used for each apartment, as the apartment will be installed with a heat collector. White-sheet steel radiators with thermostatic heat control will be fixed throughout the apartment. Hot water will be prepared in the heating center of the home, which is equipped with a remote heating and hot water consumption scanner.


Firm double glass wooden windows will be installed.


The air flow is natural throughout the premises. Natural air extraction ducts are installed in the sanitation and kitchen area. Duct extractors are also set up.


When renovating the aged and eclectic style residence in the XIX – XX centuries, the authenticity was combined with modern architectural solutions. The building still retains a unique facade on the “Tilto 12” street side, harmoniously blending in with the rest of the street.
Southwest side of the territory borders the old Vilnius’ Carmelite monastery ensemble, along with the “Šv. Jurgio” church and land. The land consists of an ensemble of buildings registered in the Register of Cultural Heritage. The territory and the buildings in the vicinity are also part of the cultural heritage of Vilnius’ Old Town and the suburbs of Vilnius’ Old Town.

Walls and partitions

The apartments will be equipped with masonry partitions between the rooms and masonry partitions between the sanitary nodes.


Distinctiveness and spaciousness will be provided by the impressive height of the ceilings, ranging from 2.6m to 3.5m.


The apartments will be installed with electricity and lights, along with all the wiring required. Therefore the settlers will not require any additional investments and preparations in the flat regarding electricity. The public areas within the territory will be equipped with LED lamps.

Fire alarm

The safety of the residents in the apartments will be guaranteed with an autonomous fire alarm.


The residence is oriented towards a closed and cozy courtyard away from the hustle and bustle of the street. There will not be any additional flow of people, only the settlers of the residence. Your home will have 2 staircases, whilst some apartments will have individual entrances along with terraces in the underbuilding level of the residence.